Webelos Woods

Parents, are you about to have a boy crossover into Boy Scouts, and you may be wondering if they are ready? Are you curious as to what’s new, or what different experiences they will have?

Boys, are you ready to see what Scouting is all about? Do you enjoy the idea of camping, cooking, and fire building? 

Then Webelos Woods is the event for you! The idea behind Webelos Woods is to better prepare our 4th and 5th Graders as they begin the transition into Boy Scouts. While this event is aimed at the essential “Scout skills” for youth, we have plenty that parents and leaders can enjoy!

This program will be taught by older Boy Scouts that have utilized these same skills that your son is learning, on actual camping trips and high adventure outings. Learn how to tie more advanced knots and lashings, first aid for injuries in the outdoors, cooking, and fire building!

This weekend of outdoor activities and instruction will encourage your second year Webelos to advance in Scouting and will peak the interest and retention of your first year Webelos through direct contact with older scouts.

Be sure to sign-up today for Webelos Woods on March 24-26th at Camp Bud Schiele. The cost is $20.00 for each youth, and $10.00 for each adult. Dens are encouraged to sign-up as a group to maximize the fun! 

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