Website Registration Help

Welcome to Piedmont Council Website!

We do our best at Piedmont Council to keep the most upcoming information listed on the website.  If you have any suggestions, please contact the web designer.

How our Website Works:

Our website is not just for information but also to register for events.  There are two ways to register.  

  1. Online Forms: These are found on certain web pages that are forms embedded in the page. You just fill out the required information, pay if needed and you are registered.  
  2. Account Registration: There are two different types of accounts you can create through our website to register for events. We use the software system Tentaroo for our events registration system. Individual Accounts are for parents registering their own scouts for events such as Day Camp. Unit Accounts, which have already been created for veteran accounts, can be used to register groups for events. To receive your pack or troop's account information, please contact the Council Office.

Getting Started in Tentaroo

Registering for Events

Reserving Facilities at Camp during Off-Season

This website provides step by step instructions on creating an account, managing accounts, registering for events and reserving facilities online through the Piedmont Council website.

Thank you for all you do for Scouting!