Taking what I learned working as a Boy Scout leader for many years, I have applied it to our Venturing crew. Two years after founding the crew, I feel like I’m just beginning to get how Venturing is different and similar. And more importantly, how to take advantage of this knowledge. I’ve tried to adapt the concept of the “Patrol Method” into a “Venturing Method”.  It’s really more of an exploration exercise than a complete principle. This blog has helped me see what the program can be. A wonderful age-appropriate extension of the Scouting movement! 

We don’t have very many Venturing crews in our council. But, we do have a functioning VOA (Venturing Officers Association) with a great annual program. The Council Venturing Officers Association is another great way for youth to develop and grow leadership skills.  

The Advisor Handbook covers a lot of details but not the basic youth Leadership development principles that lead to a successful crew, Youth leadership development through training and a great annual program. The best resource for finding what scouting should be about is Clarke Green at He conveys the principle of living the Scout Oath and Law through youth leadership development.

There are three things that lead to a successful crew: PROGRAM, PROGRAM, PROGRAM. A program that is planned and executed by the youth. An Advisors job is to set them up for success with youth leadership development. Word will spread slowly about the crew's annual program, how fun it is and that the youth plan and execute it all.

One other thing I believe helps build a successful crew is a sense of legacy and tradition in a crew.  We have a candle that I built just for our induction ceremonies. Another example is our tradition of attending certain events like our annual Southern Region Area 5 event ironically called The Legacy.  

One of my proudest moments as an Advisor was having a room full of Venturers, in uniform, at our Court of Honor a few weeks ago and the journey that led to that event. A journey that begins with brainstorming, planning and ends with a great Start, Stop, Continue review. A review to use what we have learned to plan the next event.  

Successful Venturing Crews: always building, always mentoring and always growing the program, Venturing and the Crew.

Originally posted by Tom Dewey on his Venturing related website:

Yours in Venturing,

Tom Dewey

Crew 6 Venturing Advisor