Two Rivers District

The Two Rivers District proudly serves area youth in Gaston County through the Scouting program. While the cities of Cherryville, Stanley, and Mt. Holly are served by the Heartland District, the Two Rivers encompasses primarily Gastonia, Belmont, Bessemer City, Dallas, Lowell, and the smaller communities throughout. This District has volunteers and professionals committed to seeking the best opportunities and experiences for our youth. Together we are developing the leaders of tomorrow, empowering them with today’s best skills, and proving that character does count!

Please contact us with questions, as we “do our best daily” to serve you!

Roundtables are held the first Tuesday of every month (except June & July) at 7:00 p.m. at First Presbyerian Church in Gastonia.

District News for April/May

June 11th – Day Camp Orientation: New Hope Presbyterian Church, 2:00PM

June 12th-16th – Two Rivers Day Camp: New Hope Presbyterian Church

June (DATE TBA) – District Planning Meeting/Leadership Conference




It is extremely vital to the success of your unit, and our District, that you have representation at the monthly District Roundtables. It is at these meetings that you will get important materials and information that will allow for your program to flourish. Our Roundtable Commissioners are working diligently to improve these gatherings based off of the feedback we have received from adult volunteers. By doing this, we can be sure to offer quality trainings and advice that benefit our leaders and address the concerns they have.


Day Camp is shaping up to be a great event this summer! It is a great opportunity to engage your Cub Scouts in a strong outdoor program. It will take place June 12-16, here in Gastonia! This year's theme is “Mad Scientist,” so expect to have some wacky adventures, build some awesome mechanisms, and make slimy creations. Day Camp will allow your Cub Scouts to participate in a week long program; engaging them in traditional outdoor programs like BB guns, archery, and many other opportunities and programs! In addition, any Boy Scouts who are interested in becoming Den Chiefs, or adults who would like to be Den Leaders, please contact Angela Yount, our Day Camp Director, at Remember that Day Camp plays a key role in your Pack's Journey to Excellence criteria. Help promote this event and make it yet another huge success in the Two Rivers District in 2017!


That’s right, you read it right! If your Pack missed the call of the wild last year, be sure to join in the fun this year! Two Rivers is participating in the Lion’s Pilot Program once again and we are looking for more Packs. The Lion’s Program will be available for Kindergarten boys that are between 5-7 years old, and will follow a similar structure as that of Tigers when it was first introduced. We have several units that have gone through the process to recruit Lion’s this past fall. I again want to extend a special thank you to all the units that are participating in this program already, and pass along encouragement for those that aren’t to consider participating this year!

From the District Executive

We are in the final stretch of this Scouting year, and the finish line is within our grasp. This has truly been a great year of Scouting activities, and I know that many of our units have awesome things planned for the upcoming summer. I look forward to our upcoming activities and the opportunity to rebuild this summer, and to set our sights on loftier goals than 2016.

I would like to encourage our Scouts and leaders to join in the Scouting activities we have planned for this summer. Our Cub Scouts can participate in the District Day Camp held in June where they can participate in BB, archery, climbing, obstacle courses, and even some fun Science experiments to keep with this year’s theme! Our Boy Scouts have some great opportunities as well, like Summer Camp at the awesome Camp Bud Schiele, some life-changing training at NYLT, and also the National Jamboree being held at the Summit! This doesn’t even count all the fun stuff that our troops and packs are doing over the summer months!

We have a responsibility and an opportunity to make this program even better for each scout that comes into our packs and troops. We have great volunteers, strong values, and a program chalk full of FUN. Let 2017 be a year of challenge, of many challenges. A year where the District challenges each Unit to excel; we challenge other volunteers; and you challenge yourself. I would caution us to not become complacent within our roles; we must always continue to challenge ourselves to improve on what we can accomplish.

With each of you stepping forward and guiding us, we can achieve another awesome year in this District! We have great volunteers, strong values, and a program chalk full of FUN. Together we can achieve so much, so let’s work together to have a great Scouting year! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime at (434) 709-2847 or

Gavin Dawson; Two Rivers District Executive.