Training Schedule

Required Training Schedule:


  • September 6, 7-9 PM at FUMC Lincolnton - YPT
  • September 29, 9 AM- 12 Noon Denver - YPT & Leader Specific Training
  • October 4, 7-9 PM at FUMC Lincolnton - YPT * Leader Specific Training
  • October 20, 9 AM-12 Noon FUMC Lincolnton - YPT & Leader Specific Training

Two Rivers

  • October 2, 6:30 PM at First Presbyterian Church- Leader Specific
  • March 16, 2019, 6:30 PM at First Presbyterian Church - Leader Specific 

Lake James

  • September 25, 6:00 PM at Grace Hospital - Leader Specific Training
  • October 13, 6:00 PM at Grace Hospital - Leader Specif Training


  • October 13, Adventure Academy Philadeliphia Lutheran Church - Leader Specific Training


  • October 18, 7-9 PM First United Methodist Church - Leader Specific Training
Youth Protection Training: All Adult Leadership and any adult working with the
youth is required to take Youth Protection. *Youth Protection Training can be taken
online at or at any of the listed training above.
Leader Job Specific is position specific and are instructor led courses to teach you how to carry your Scouting role to the best of your abilities and have fun with the youth while doing so.
Roundtables are available each month to share information and ideas on
how to provide the best program for our youth.
University of Scouting / Cub Scout Extravaganza is an once a year event held at Gaston College that offers a variety of supplemental courses that will continue your growth as an effective leader and add Pizzaz to your program.
BALOO is Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Experience and is required by at least one adult in each Cub Scout Pack before they go camping. It is also for Webelos leaders to learn the skills & how to teach them needed as your youth start preparing for

Position Name Telephone
Chimney Rock Training Instructor Tammy Robinson (828) 429-2399 Email
Foothills District Training Chairperson Amy Green (828) 759-2576 Email
Gemstone Training Instructor Thomas Williams (704) 902-3569 Email
Heartland District Cub Training Chair Barbara Saunders (704) 476-6202 Email
Lake James Training Chair Pepper Smyth (828) 403-5533 Email
Lakeland Training Instructor Mike Hall (828) 855-8942
Two Rivers Training Instructor Linda Jozwakowski (704) 866-7677 Email