Jamboree Patch Orders

The Piedmont Council's 2023 National Jamboree Patches highlight the cryptids and legends surrounding Appalachia and the Piedmont region of North Carolina. Be one of the lucky few to catch sight of Bigfoot today!

2023 Patch Pricing

Patches not sold separately. Purchased patches will be shipped June 12, 2023.

  • $10 Bigfoot Pocket Dangle
    • Center Patch Laser Cut of Bigfoot w/ Button Loop
  • $50 Trader Set (Full Color)
    • Bigfoot Center Patch
    • Brown Mountain Lights Shoulder Patch
    • Ghost Train of Iredell Shoulder Patch
    • Lake Norman Monster Shoulder Patch
    • Santer Beast Shoulder Patch
    • Wampus Cat Shoulder Patch
    • Boojum Shoulder Patch
  • $75 Collector's Set (Ghosted w/ Glow Thread)