Merit Badge Counselor Information

Merit Badge Counselor List

The Piedmont Council Merit Badge Counselor list matches the Guide to Advancement requirements for MBCs – a) registered in BSA, b) Youth Protection Trained c) Orientation Instruction complete and d) MB Counselor Information sheet complete and approved by the Council Advancement Committee.  While an extensive list follows, there is room for more counselors.   Please encourage counselors of your troop to properly register.  Start the process with the MB Counselor Information Sheet and send/deliver to the Council Registrar, Sheila Lindsay.

Every effort has been exerted to make this listing accurate.   If your name is not found, the badges you teach incomplete or find typographic errors, please contact Dan Gilland.

A password is required to access the data.   Please do not share the password with anyone except worthy adults.    Never should this information be shared with Scouts.   Scouts should get information from their Scoutmaster and then contact the counselor.

The password will be direct emailed to Scoutmasters (only) on a monthly basis.   A new password will be issued each month along with counselor updates to the file.

Printing this file will require lots of paper, perhaps as much as 300 pages.   Therefore, printing is not recommended.   Besides, monthly updates would require re-printing.   


Login to your My.Scouting account, click on My Dashboard, My Training, Training Center and then Boy Scout Varsity Courses.  You will find the Merit Badge Orientation Course.

Merit Badge Counsler Application