Join Scouting

Scouting is a year round program that recruits youth throughout the year. We run recruitment drives, otherwise known as Sign-Up Nights, during the Fall and Spring. These are primarily done through elementary schools and some middle schools. During Sign-Up season, you can easily join scouting by visiting a Sign-Up Night at your child's school. Be on the lookout for a flyer that will come home with your child two weeks before hand and another a few days before the Sign-Up. 

Every unit is different and many questions such as when/where they meet or how much does Scouting cost is different for each unit and they are best answered at the Sign-Up Night at your school. For general questions, please look at our Sign-Up Night FAQ. 

If you cannot attend, you can call our office line at 704.864.2694 or look for your school on our Sign-Up Recruitment Contacts List and contact the unit leader for your school.

To view all of the units in your area, please visit



Q: How old does my child have to be to join Scouting?

A: Boys who are 6 years old OR in the 1st grade are eligible for Cub Scouts. A few select units have been selected to pilot the Lions program, which is for boys in Kindergarten. The Boy Scout program is for boys that are 10 OR in the 6th grade.

Q: What does the Youth Application do?

A: Allows your child to become a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, collects contact information to be used to keep your family informed and opens the gateway to advancement and awards, so proper records can be kept.

Q: Do parents who want to help serve the unit register too?

A: Yes! There is an Adult Application. Ask one of the Parent Leaders about the perks and benefits of serving as Scout leader.

Q: What is a registration fee?

A: This pro-rated fee covers membership in the Boy Scouts of America until January of the following year. At the end of January, registration renews at the annual amount of $24, which is just $2 a month. During Fall Sign-Ups, we also provide your child’s first handbook which is a necessary tool in Scouting. The cost of the handbook is also rolled in to the registration fee.



Q: What other costs are there?

A: Most Packs create a dues structure to help cover costs associated with Den/Pack meetings, events, and activities throughout the year. On average dues can range from $50 -$150 per year. This is dependent on the unit, please visit your school’s Sign-Up Night or call the Council Office for the unit’s contact information if you are not able to attend.*

Q: What about uniforms? Are they required?

A: This is also dependent on the unit as some require the full uniform while others do not. The field uniform, available at the Scout Shop or online, will have costs associated. The full cost of a uniform is roughly $99.

Q: How do I help my boy earn his own way to pay for all the fun activities/campouts?

A: Scouting offers two fundraisers a year to help Packs and Scouts earn money for their annual adventures. Popcorn in the fall and Camp Cards in the winter. Units also establish fundraisers so EVERY boy can enjoy Scouting.



Q: What is the time commitment for scouting?

A: Typically there are den/pack meetings held once a week on a weeknight for 1 hour. In addition, units usually have weekend activities – campouts, day activities, etc. – once a month or once every other month on a weekend. While it is encouraged that boys attend every meeting or activity, it is not a requirement to remain in the unit.



Q: What is a Sign-Up Night?

A: A Sign-Up Night is a streamlined way for you and your child to learn about scouting. We give you all the information at the front end so you know what Scouting is really about then we give you the opportunity to sign up then or take your materials home and sign up at the next meeting. Getting all the information usually takes less than 15 minutes and you get the opportunity to meet some of the awesome volunteers for your new unit!

Q: Do I have to go to the Sign-Up at my child’s school?

A: No. The unit that will be coming to your school is the closest and most active, but it is not the only unit available to you. You can attend any school Sign-Up or visit to view units in your area.

Q: Do I have to go to a Sign-Up Night to register my child?

A: It is strongly encouraged that you attend a Sign-Up Night. Sign-up nights are the best and most efficient way for you as a parent to register your child, but it is not the only way. You can call the Council Office and request unit contact information or log on to and locate a unit in your area.

Q: I can’t make it to a meeting. What do I do?

A: The first step to joining scouting is finding a unit. You MUST register through a unit. The best way to do this is to attend a Sign-Up Night. If there is absolutely no way for you to attend please call the Council Office 704.864.2694 and we can provide the proper contact information for the unit.