Camp Card

Units may pick up additional Camp Cards at these sites when they turn in a check for the cards they have sold (minus their commission). For Example, a unit has 250 Camp cards and has sold 100. They turn in a check for $600 (100 cards x $6) and then they can take an additional 100 cards. These locations are provided as a convenience so that leaders can get additional cards as needed.If you would like to suggest a site where cards can be stationed, please tell your District Executive."

District Business Contact Phone #
Gemstone Carolina Mtn. Sports
123 West Broad St.
Richard Griggs,Owner 704.871.1444
Gemstone Mooresville Pharmacy
108 Leaning Oak Dr.
Doug Balog, Owner 704.658.1184
Table Rock

Nationwide Insurance
214 Collett St.

Kelly Messenheimer, Owner 828.437.3084
Swamp Fox

Tate Insurance
954 N. Main St.

Phil Tate, Owner 828.652.7414
Foothills Daniel McLean, CPA
909 Wrights St.
Daniel McLean, Owner 828.758.1075-Cell

Camp Card Key Dates to Remember

Camp Card Leader's Guide

4/23 Sale Officially Ends!
4/24-28 District settlement nights held and all cards and money must be turned in. Units hsould turn in Leader's Tracking form. For every 10 cards a boy sells, he is entered into the Grand Price 

Final Day to receive FULL commission based on total sales.

4/29 Commission is reduced by 10%
5/12 Commission is reduced by another 10%
5/19 Commssion is reduced by another 10%
5/26 Unit will receive NO commission


Camp Card Posters for Promotions

Lakeland Hickory Poster                       Foothills Alexander Poster

Lakeland Catawba Poster                     Foothills Caldwell Poster

Battleground Kings Mountain Poster      Battelground Shelby Poster

Chimney Rock Poster                          Swamp Fox Poster

Table Rock Poster                               Gemstone Mooresville

Gemstone Statesville                           Heartland Cherryville Poster

Heartland Lincolnton Poster                  Heartland Mt.Holly Poster

Two Rivers Poster