Camp Bud Schiele-Summer Camp

Opened in 1982, Camp Bud Schiele has always focused on the area of quality program and is committed to a well-trained staff to offer each Scout the best possible Scouting experience. We are determined that if you attend Camp Bud Schiele, not only will you enjoy one of the finest camps in the Southern Region with quality facilities, but a stronger commitment to the Scouts and the programs that we offer.

Girl Troops: Boy Troops and Girl Troops stay in separate campsites and must have their own 2-deep leadership, which needs to include 1-female leader for Girl Troops.  Seperate registration is appreciated.

Site Deposit Policy: Site Deposit is $50. Cancellations after November 1, will result in a forfeit of all deposits made. Please note that a “Scout is Trustworthy” and we would appreciate notification on ALL cancellations regardless of date. (For 2020 any site deposits can be refunded or rolled over to 2021.)


You can update your roster ahead of time before class sign ups to be prepared.

Program Plan for 2021

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