2022 Scouting Adventure Card Sale!

Welcome to the BIGGEST, BEST, most AWESOME, and SUPERFANTASTIC fundraising opportunity for your Scouts, their families and your Unit – the 2022 Scouting Adventure Card. The Scouting Adventure Card, formally known as the Camp Card, is a GREAT way for Scouts, Scouting Families, and Units to pay for the “Adventure of Scouting”. Not only can the Adventure Card pay for camp but it can help pay for SO much MORE. Dues, Registration Fees, Summer Camp, Day Camp, NYLT, Sea Base, Philmont, Jamborees, and of course Uniforms to name a few.

If your unit isn’t paying 100% of the cost to be a scout from registration fees, to books, to uniforms, you should be offering this opportunity to your Scouting families. More than 90% of the sale of each card goes back to Scouting! There isn’t a fundraiser out there with this rate of return back to Scouting that your unit can participate in and if you aren’t participating, you are missing out. The Piedmont Council has several units selling over 1000 cards with more than $5000 in commissions back to the unit and many more units selling over 500 cards with $2500-$3000 in commissions.

Plan now to sell the 2022 Adventure Card and give your Scouts the opportunity to be Thrifty and “pay their own way” through Scouting.

To ensure your unit has the cards it needs, please complete the 2022 Scouting Adventure Card Committee Form by clicking the link below. Must be completed by February 1, 2022.

2022 Scouting Adventure Card Commitment Form

2022 Scouting Adventure Card Leader’s Guide