Camp Card Sale - $500,000 Sales Goal!

2020 CAMP CARD SALE - $500,000 SALES GOAL!

The 2020 Camp Card Sale is just around the corner and we need EVERY unit in the Piedmont Council supporting this fantastic fundraiser.  This is an excellent opportunity for Scouts and Units to “earn their own way” through Scouting’s adventures. In addition, 95% of the sell supports Scouting. No other unit fundraiser can provide this level of support and your unit is supporting the efforts of your unit, your scouts and your council. Meat sticks, popcorn, and other unit fundraisers are supporting another company who is providing the products to sell.

Way Participate?

  • No Risk – Units can participate in this Council Fundraiser with absolutely NO risk. If you don’t sell the cards, you can return them to the council.
  • High Commissions - Units have the potential to earn 50% commission and help their scouts pay for events and activities like summer camp, day camp, 2021 National Jamboree, Philmont trips or trips to the Florida Sea Base.
  • Bonus Cards = Extra Commission – Bonus cards are 100% Profit and can increase Unit sales commission up to 60% or even high depending on how many sold.
  • Easy Inventory – Units who participate say this fundraiser is easy to manage with their scouts and parents.
  • Card Value – The Piedmont Council Camp Card provides a value of over $100 per card. In fact, many of the single use breakoffs provide an instant discount of $5 or more and is an easy sale to potential buyers.

Camp Cards Provides the Following:

  • Teaches a Scout to “pay their own way”. A Scout is thrifty and learns to pay their own way is one of the points of the Scout Law. If your unit isn’t paying 100% of EVERY scouts adventures, you should be providing this opportunity to your Scouts and their families.
  • FREE Advancements – the Piedmont Council continues to provide FREE Rank Advancements to Scouts across the council.
  • Support Services from the Piedmont Council Service Center located in Gastonia, NC.

District Kickoffs and Trainings:

       Heartland District

       Battleground District 

       Chimney Rock District

       Foothills District

      Two Rivers District

       Lakeland District

      Lake James District

      Gemstone District